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Where have I been??

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Fair enough question I know!! It has definitely been a while! But the good news is “I am back :-)” and very excited to be back into full training and looking forward to racing very soon!

After the disappointment of the second half of the year, I knew there was something wrong and my coach and I were determined to get to the bottom of it and find out exactly what it was!

Through many frustrations and blood tests eventually answers were found and rest and recovery was the verdict!

I will not lie to you…I hated it!! I love what I do! I love to train, I love to race. But I was doing absolutely nothing! No exercise at all! Thankfully Guy was racing and had decided on the double competing in Branson 70.3 and Augusta 70.3. I got to road trip for a couple of weeks, no bike. And saw many places that I had never seen before. Memphis and Gracelands, Knoxville and driving through North and South Carolina. It was fun for me….probably not ideal for Guy.

On my return to Boise it wasn’t long before we were packing up again for Kona. It was to be the first time I was there and not actually racing. Although initially disappointed (as to be expected!!) It wasn’t long before I was soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying what the race had to offer from the other side. It was a great opportunity to catch up with sponsors, see friends from Perth I hadn’t seen in 6 months, and get back into the gorgeous waters of the “Big Island”

The race itself was incredible! It was fantastic to see Aussie Pete Jacobs win. But to be out on the Queen K and cycle alongside Leanda for the last 10km’s of the run was inspirational! You could see the determination in her eyes and her face was one of total focus. It was so motivational and a moment I will never forget.

Back to Boise again briefly where I was allowed to start “exercising”, not training, but exercising! I am not sure if a triathlete knows the difference. And although 2 weeks later I was totally underdone I was not going to miss the amazing opportunity to take part in the Bahamas Triathlon. Hurricane Sandy had postponed it by a week, but Barbara Anne worked tirelessly to have it all ready to go again a week later.

It was simply stunning! And we were totally spoilt! It was a quick trip arriving Thursday night departing Monday morning. But Friday was a day trip to a private island, white sand beaches all to ourselves and an incredible lunch. Dinner at Barbara Ann’s beautiful house on the canal’s. Saturday was Swim, bike, run and again an incredible dinner to prepare us for race day.

Race day was fun! I had to remind myself of my lack of fitness and not be disappointed when I didn’t perform how I would have liked to. It was just great to be racing again. And for that I was so grateful!!

My amazing home stay family were so welcoming and there daughters so excited to have an “Aussie” staying with them!

I can’t thank Barbara Ann enough and all of her incredible helpers, sponsors and volunteers for an experience I will never forget and hopefully will get to have again next year.

It was then back to Boise to pack up for the long journey home back to Perth. I unfortunately had to make the decision then that there would be no Ironman Western Australia for me this year. It was such a hard decision to make as I love competing at home every year but my body would not be up to it and I feel it would be to the detriment of my 2013 season which I am already so excited about. So I will have to watch from the sidelines this year….but only this once 🙂

So for now, it is back to sunny Perth with family and friends and enjoying some consistent training leading into the 2013 season. A big congratulations to our friends Heather and John on there engagement. We had an amazing time and can’t wait for the big event next year!

And Guy and I are counting down! Only 6 more weeks until we get out gorgeous pussy cat Ozzy back! She is in Quarantine but we can still visit her Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Fridays!! 🙂