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Getting it done!!

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Yes,  it has been a while, but for good reasons. There has been a lot going on, eating, training, sleeping, a trip to Boulder for a Retul Bike fit with the one and only Matt Steinmetz and our super Ruth from Perth coming for a visit to Boise! Wow..that makes me realise there really has been plenty going on!

Working with Matt was fantastic! I can’t believe it has taken me so long to go and see him. Although Coach Jeff had mentioned it quite some time ago. Yes, the set up is very different to what I am used to and it is taking a while for the body to adapt but I am loving it!

Guy came for his first trip to Boulder and our hosts Justin and Brooke Daerr were amazing. We were totally spoilt and it felt like home with the cats running around and keeping us company. We caught up with Marilyn, hit the masters sessions, ran the trails and off course spent plenty of time in the gorgeous mountains for some cycling.

Sue and Jay were married and we all got to celebrate in style. It was a fantastic night and amazing to see everyone take to the 70’s theme like a training session that could not be missed!!

Don’t you just love those dresses!!

The following week Ruth arrived for a few days, on route to a family vacation. Swimming, biking, running, Barbacoa, a trip up Bogus Basin, Walmart. We were so lucky to have her here. Even a few needling and physio sessions. Not only for us but our friends as well. Only the best!! We miss her already!

The morning that Ruth left us, Guy and I embarked on the longest ride I have done in years! The “Big Loop” in Boise is famous! Out to Horseshoe Bend, onto Banks, Lowman, nearly 16km climb out of Lowman to 6000 feet, Idaho City then back to Boise. Apparently we ended up doing it the harder way….but 240 km is hard which ever way you do it I think!

The temperature was rising to 105 degrees and we still had a few hours to go until our next “Gas Station” stop and no water left!! Desperate times call for Desperate measures!! We found a nice little fresh water stream and filled up! It was bliss! And luckily neither of us ended up sick later.

Jeff met us in Idaho City and after loading up on as much food and liquid as we could  we made it home just over 8 hours later!  The scenery was spectacular and we did have a to stop and take some photos along the way because who knows when we would be doing that again! Although Guy has some crazy idea about sooner rather than later!

So whats next?

Ironman New York…and I can’t wait. After what happened in IMCDA, I have made a few changes and New York will provide the perfect opportunity to put things into practice and see how it is all going. Off course the other thing is unfortunately I have not made the first cut of 25 females for Hawaii this year. There are 5 more slots up for grabs in August. To give myself the best chance I have to be racing in New York.

It is going to be very exciting!!