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Perth State Olympic Distance Championships

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Yes…I know I am one day late!!! But I feel I have an excuse! Yesterday was race day! The first Triathlon for the 2012 season and our State Olympic Distance Championships! I was excited!! Who knows how it was going to go..there had been plenty of volume for the last month, in particular on the run…and to be honest, when you are an Ironman Triathlete who tapers for an Olympic Distance race anyway!

Tri Events organised another awesome event in a new location this time but still in the heart of the city which is always amazing! With a Tadpole race for the young ones followed by an enticer then the Olympic Distance it was more like a Festival of Triathlon.

Thankfully for us the predicted 40 degree day was not going to happen but it was still going to be close to 35 and the winds were the strongest they had been for a couple of weeks. But this was normal for this event. It has always been hot and windy and I didn’t know any different. Conditions I would love and suited me!

An 8am start and I was ready. The swim was rough and choppy and I was trying not to swallow any of the river water. Knowing what happened in Kona after too much salt water I definitely didn’t want a repeat. It was a rough start with a kick to the face, goggles kicked off and having to stop to put them back on. All I could think was if this is ITU racing I am totally not interested and not fast enough anyway so it doesn’t matter. Besides the tough conditions we did stray a little bit off course and were sent back to the buoy by the kayak but I was super excited to be second out onto the bike and gave myself a “high five” for giving it my all in the swim. Next the bike and I needed to take advantage of the windy conditions. Within 5km I had taken the lead and knew I need at least 3 mins off the bike to have any chance of winning over speedy Felicity Sheedy Ryan. I would love to be able to run like her!

The bike was 4 laps and I was able to see with every lap I was putting in time but the question was going to be…would it be enough?? Running into T2 and heard shouts of 1 min 30….crap…that was not going be enough…but much better than I expected. Lets just have a strong run and see what the legs have.

Just over 4km and the pass was made! Although I asked her to slow down…nicely…I could not keep up. I had a couple of minutes on 3rd and the plan was to stay strong and hold that for the next 5km’s. I was definitely starting to feel the fatigue in the legs from the previous weeks training but was one of the most happiest and satisfied 2nd place finishers on the day. I had totally given it my all and the soreness in my legs today more than 24 hours later confirms that. Therefore…job done!

A few easy days now to recover then back into it! It it always so satisfying when you can start to see improvements and it is confirmation that you are doing the right things in training. It is still only Jan and with a big year ahead and I am excited about every new week and every opportunity.

Congrats to everyone who raced last weekend!! I hope you are all looking forward to the next one as much as I am!

Hot, Hot, Hot!!

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That pretty much sums up the week for the last 7 days. But the problem is if I thought last week was bad then this week will be off the scale. But I will save that for next weeks blog.

There has been a lot of indoor training this week, which lucky for me, I don’t mind! Either that or some 4.30am wake up calls so I have been mixing it up, depending on how much sleep I can get! There has been plenty of great sport to watch on T.V. although, like many I was disappointed with the Tour Down Under coverage. I mean who wants to watch the cycling at 10.30pm!! I am never up then! At least the tennis has been keeping me entertained.

It was an easy start to the week so I could recover from the previous weekends efforts and Cycle TT. But by Tuesday it was back into it with a solid run in the morning. Midday swimming on Tuesday and for some reason I was scared!! It was totally justified when I got there. Swim Smooth Coach Paul Newsome had a lovely 400m and 200m TT sandwiched in the middle of the session for us. I guess it was going to be the week of time trials!! I was pleasantly surprised to pull out a descent effort which gives me a lot of confidence in the direction my swimming is going. Thanks to Paul it is definitely getting better! If I ad been asked to do the same session on Thursday I could guarantee it would have been a completely different result.

Friday morning Perth was sieged with an amazing lightening, rain and thunderstorm. But it was so isolated. Guy and I left home early morning for swimming training debating if we should actually go because the pool is outside and the lightening was incredible! But where the pool was located there was nothing!! You would not even be able to tell what was going on the other side of the city. Home we go to the rain, thunder and lightening again before it became 36 degrees by midday!! So weird!!

The heat again played its part on Saturday plus fatigue! Guy and I began early to get as much of our training in before midday. Meeting some of the others for the Raffles loop, yes getting dropped a number of times. Meeting up with them again until enough became enough and thankfully Guy found me again and we continued on our hot and windy merry way!

An afternoon nap was much needed then it was a cooking feast for the Outdoor movie cinema’s Saturday night and Mission Impossible.

This is all Guy needed to get him through the movie!

Plus Ruth’s amazing Cheese Cake, and I must admit he did actually cook up a Pesto Pasta dish so we were spoilt!

Another week is done…it has been a good one with consistent training across all three sports. This time next week I would have completed my first Olympic Distance Triathlon for 2012 which will be interesting after a month of base training. You just never know what might happen!!

Back on the Pain Train!!

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Thats right…it’s that time to step it up a bit and get back on the pain train…and I am loving it! Well, for most of it anyway! A sleep in here, massage there, and Magic Ruth’s sessions twice a week either of Pilates or needling are all part of the equation in making 2012 an awesome year!

This morning was the first of the ATTA Time Trials for the season, 48km of hilly, hot roads in the middle of no where, well actually it was in Chittering but a long way from my house! They do such a great job and with races to choose nearly every weekend of various distances…why not!!  No race wheels, no aero helmet, just push hard and go for it. I felt the pain so it was a good day! Mission accomplished! Was glad to say I felt better the longer it went, not necessarily faster but was able to maintain how I was going. Typical endurance athlete!!

It is now back into it on Monday for a repeat of the past week and to see if I can get the same out of myself again. Although this time it will end with a 4km open water swimming event. So much going on over the Perth summer, I find it difficult deciding what to do and what not to do!!

So I guess the big question is..when is the season going to begin for me?? In 2 weeks time is the Perth State Olympic Championships and will be my first hit out. I am looking forward to getting rid of some cobwebs. Plus traditionally the race has always been ridiculously hot, windy and oh so painful for a long course athlete like me!! Love it!

Then it will be a month of solid work before Guy and I trek across the country to New Zealand. Love this race..and although the timing is never the best so soon in the year after taking a break following Ironman WA, I always see it as the perfect opportunity to race and build into the season. You just never know what might happen!!

So easy to be motivated at the moment with great sporting events to watch all the time. The Cricket, Australian Open, Tour Down Under starting today. I had better make sure I don’t sacrifice my sleep otherwise something will suffer (or should I say some one…Guy!!!)

Sorry…no photo’s..a little technical difficulties but couldn’t let it affect my blogging every Sunday! Will be all sorted by next weekend!

The new year has begun!

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It has been a quality week of consistent swimming, cycling and running! The tan lines are getting more noticeable due to a couple of extra swim sessions in the middle of the day. But we have also had our fair share of weird and wonderful weather over the last 7 days. Tuesday night was quality time with Robbie the sister in law. Dinner in the thermo mix, and the girls sat down for the new episode of Kim and Courtney take New York. Poor Guy had to sit through it but was easily distracted by a massive container of M and M’s. After eating way too many it was then my job to hide them from Guy and Robbie. 5 days later I received a phone call from Robbie. She is still looking for them!!!

That night Guy and I were awoken to the most incredible thunder and lightening storm. It kept up us until the early hours of the morning and went the alarm went off at 4.40am we were undecided if swimming would be on, being in an outdoor pool with all the lightening around. But we got up, drove to the pool to find it was all go as per normal. We were greeted with a 6km  session! The drive home was very quiet as we were both so hungry we just couldn’t wait to get home and eat!!

The fridge is empty now of holiday festive left overs, the chocolate is gone (well me for me anyway!) and the season begins!

A couple of sessions with Physio to the Stars Ruth Chang, and numerous needles stuck in areas I care not to reveal…but has allowed me to pick the running up but stay on top of the right hand side of the body which always seems to cause me pain! We also had our first Pilates session Saturday afternoon. Performance Pilates Newcastle Street, if you have ever thought about doing it, this is the place!! There will be no excuses this year!

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Kate Bevilaqua

1)     What brought you to the sport of triathlon?
I was originally a Netball player. Massive sport in Australia and all my hopes and dreams revolved around playing Netball for Australia. I refused to believe those who constantly told me I was too short! One particular year during the Netball off season my cousin Wesley suggested if I got involved in Triathlon’s over the summer my fitness would improve and so would my running. He had been doing them for years and eventually dragged me along to compete in our local sprint Triathlon…The rest they history!

2)     What thoughts and influences contribute to making the decision to go Pro? Was this a difficult decision to make?
I lot more than what people think. Am I good enough?? How is this going to affect my day to day living. Do I need to train more? My full time job? My coach, family and friends. Is it what I want? What are my goals in the sport? In the end I had a fantastic support network around me and after a couple of years of racing Pro getting some experience  and still working full time I was decrease my working hours and have never looked back. I am loving it!!

3)     On average, what does your training week involve?
Funnily enough there is no such thing as a normal or average week. That is the exciting thing about the sport, always building towards a goal race or competing in a local running, cycling, or triathlon that is on. At the moment I am trying to swim 5 – 6 times a week including an open water session. Cycle 4 – 5 week with a long ride on Saturday’s with the local crew and run 5 times a week but all base work because it is the beginning of the season!

4)     What is your favorite training session for each discipline?
 Paul Newsome from Swim Smooth runs a mean and nasty Fresh and Fruity session on a Friday morning. It is not a big session in regards to volume but for a non sprinter like me it equals PAIN!!
Run would be there the progressive 2 hour run, building at 30 minute increments to a faster pace. I always go out way to hard the beginning of the Marathon in my Ironman races and this sessions is teaching me to build into it and finish strong. Now I just need to get that happening in a race.
Cycling – Any of my sessions on my Computrainer!! I am addicted to it!! In 2 hours you can get a quality interval session done without even leaving the comfort of your own house!

5)     If we were to look in your fridge, what would we find?
The good and the bad!!  My partner Guy Crawford is a Professional Triathlete as well and is totally addicted to chocolate so there has to be plenty of that around. But mostly day to day we eat healthy, cereal, eggs, toast for breakfast, left overs or some sort of sandwich or roll for lunch, and a protein like salmon, steak, chicken with vegetables or salad for dinner. Snacks though out the day include fruit, museli Bars and off course chocolate!

6)     Is there anything that you would prefer to eat the night before a race?
 Yep, a chicken, sundried tomato, pine nut and pesto pasta has been the staple for a few years before all of my big races. Guy has the same so it makes it easier. Quick to cook and very filling!!

7)     Do you have any tips for recovery?
Yes, get as much as you can!! Even though I am now a full time Pro, recovery is still something that is neglected. Sleeping is the best!! It is free and your body recovers the most while you are asleep. Massage and stretching also go a long way!! Eat…within 30 mins of finishing a long or intense work out. All these things will help you train harder and back to back sessions.

8)     What would be your best advice for someone starting out in the sport?
Just enjoy it!! It is so easy to get caught up in all the gimmicks but we love the sport for the challenge of swimming, biking and running!!  Practice getting in and out of your cleats on the grass first!! I can’t remember how many times the bitumen and I became friends when I first started out. And realise once you have done one…you will be hooked! Great people are attracted to the sport of triathlon and the socialising is just as important as the hard ride or run!!

9)     What advice would you give an Age Grouper who is looking for sponsorship?
Sponsorship has to work both ways. You need to be able to explain to them what you can do for them. Get some good results but also involve yourself in the community and become an ambassador for the sport. They love things like that.

10)  Do you have any tips on ways to stay injury free?
I wish I knew the secret. Unfortunately 2 years ago I had a horrible run of injuries with 18 months out of the sport due to 3 stress fractures in my groin and back. I didn’t think I would ever race at the elite level again. But thankfully I stuck with it! I had been injury free until 3 days before Ironman Western Australia just recently in December but ended up having to walk parts of the Marathon due to a dodgy Hamstring! What is the secret?? Good recovery!! Stretching, Massage, physio! Knowing your body and what it can and can’t handle. I know Guy is a lot better at that than I am!! If something hurts or doesn’t feel right, stop and get it checked straight away. Don’t train through it! Be sure first!

11)   What is the most important piece of equipment to you and your success?
Definitely my family, friends and Guy and there Belief in me! On good or bad days they are there no matter what and are proud of me and what I achieve. I was so disappointed after Ironman WA just recently, I was going in as defending champion, I was in the best shape I had been in over the last 2 years and I was ready to win again! But circumstances leading up to the race changed everything and not being able to run the day before had me in tears. To get through although in 6th position was one of the toughest days for me, but in the end, the love me all the same!

12)  And what don’t we know about you?
I have an amazing group of sponsors that include K-Swiss, Novatron, GU, Blue Seventy, FELT, ROLF Wheels, Computrainer, Ryders Eyewear, Selle SMP Saddles, SKINS, SRAM, Tri Town Boise, Garland Cycles Perth, Swish Design. They deserve a mention every opportunity I get!!!

Kate Bevilaqua
Professional Triathlete
2 x Ironman Champion
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Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!!

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It has been all about family, friends and good times the last couple of weeks.

The  Western Australian ANZ Sport Star Awards were an amazing night and I was honoured to be nominated and represent the sport of Triathlon. Guy and I had a fantastic time with the TWA crew and were inspired by the amazing sports men and women who were recognised through the evening.

Guy and I were able to spend a night at the Burswood Entertainment Complex and have our first “date night” since being back in Perth!

Celebrating Barry’s 50th Birthday in an incredible setting in a wine cellar. My brothers birthday then of course there was xmas!

The morning began with a run and swim at Cottesloe Beach then a Champagne Breakfast with fellow triathletes. Home for morning cocktails and nibbles with the Hallidays taking us through to mid afternoon. Then it was time to get every thing organised for the big xmas dinner!

The sleep in on boxing day morning was well deserved!

The last day of 2011 began in the hills with the boys and some screaming quads…lucky me!! Then an early movie with the family in La Premiere including wine and cheese, it was like sitting in Business class but at the movies. Guy and I came home to a quite drink in front of the T.V. and the Original Sex in the City Movie..after a midnight kiss, followed by a snack 2012 had begun!!

The last year has been fill of so many lows and high’s. From winning Ironman Korea, spending my birthday in Las Vegas with Guy, my brother Blake and his wife to qualifying for Hawaii. Seeing so many places around the world and making new friends along the way. But there were times when the tears became all too much. The unexpected passing of my Uncle Neil while we were all in Lanzarote. Then during that race being stung by a bee….I am allergic! Being the fittest and strongest I have been in a long time prior to Hawaii, and swallowing too much water, being first DNF on the big island! It was great to be back home in Australia and with my family towards the end of the year…but a supposed control burn that some how got out of control left over 30 houses burnt to the ground in Margaret River and ours was one of them. A week later Ironman Western Australia, defending champ, but I strained my glut 3 days before the race. Enough was enough. I must admit though, I did enjoy the last 18km of walk/run/walk. It gave an entire new perspective of the race and for me finishing that race means so much more to me than some of my podium finishes.

That is all in the past. I have incredible support from all my family, friends and sponsors and can’t wait to start racing again in 2012. With a plan to build through out the year and get stronger and stronger I am looking forward to the adventure beginning.

New Years resolutions??? Yes, I have a few, one of them is I am going to Blog once a week on a Sunday!!

I know many people who will hold me accountable for that one!