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Vegas to Emmett

Posted on: August 17th, 2011 by admin 1 Comment

The ¬†USA adventures have continued full speed ahead and it was amazing having my brother Blake and his wife Robbie here in Boise for a week. Not just any week, but the opportunity to celebrate my Birthday with family. Guy and I continued to train hard while they were here in between visits to McCall, Barbacoa, Matador, the mandatory Walmart visit and much more. It was so much fun having them here and being able to share “my second home” with them. Now when I return back to Perth and talk about people and places they will know exactly what I am talking about!

But the highlight was definitely the 48 hours in Las Vegas for my Birthday. It was jam packed from our arrival Wednesday afternoon at the Venetian until our departure Friday morning back to Boise!

The highlight of the first night was Blake and Robbie renewing there wedding vowels at the world famous Graceland Wedding Chapel!! Apparently Hamish and Andy had just recently been there and the Bevilaqua’s were next! I must admit, it was a lot better than I thought it would be! A very special reunion and reminder of there of love for each other! After that it was time to go out and celebrate!

Day 2 was all about shopping at the factory outlets and finding something to wear for KA Cirque Du Soleil at MGM Grand. The show was incredible. Pure strength and fitness. Being a Professional Triathlete it is easy to understand the commitment required to perform at such a level.

Another amazing dinner, a trip to the M & M factory and a final walk along the strip before it was time to pack up and return to Boise. After some early morning training ( yes, we still managed to train!) We said goodbye to Blake and Robbie as there world tour continued and returned home. The countdown for Kona had begun and it was time to hit it!

Since then it has been nothing but eat, sleep, train, eat, sleep, train, repeat!! Guy and I have been “in the box” so many times. At least we have been sharing the pain together!

After a week back we went hard in a 12km trail race that left us struggling to walk for at least 4 days from the downhills! It is so easy to forget how completely different trail running is from running on the road or treadmill.

Unfortunately that pain went a little too far last Friday when I was stung by a wasp out on our ride. It didn’t take long before my arm was like “popeye’s” I was not sleeping and my body was trying to deal with the reaction while I was continuing to train hard!

Emmett’s Most Excellent Triathlon was the next day and I was not going to miss it! I have competed in the race the last 2 years and come away with victories and was hoping to do it again! Although I woke up feeling terrible, itchy, and struggling to get my body in synch with the mind, I was still going to race. If anything it would be a great training day!

The swim was okay, although I had no feet to follow and spent most of my time weaving around the slowly age group men who had begun slightly before the woman. It didn’t take long before I took the lead on the bike though but a flying Jolene went past me and I was not able to push the body to the next level. I was hoping things would be different on the run but in the end I was just happy to stay mentally strong and see it through. I hug on to 2nd only just over a minute of first on a tough day for me!

Guy had an awesome race leading from start to finish and John was on fire breaking 2 hours for the first time. Things are looking good for his Ironman in 2 weeks time!

There has been no rest for the wicked since last weekend and the couch and bed have been my favourite 2 places if I am not swimming, biking or running. 8 weeks to go until Kona and I am excited!!