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Road Trip – Kalgoorlie!

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If you haven’t been to Kalgoorlie and met the amazing members of the Kalgoorlie Triathlon Club or taken part in their annual Olympic Distance race, put it in your calendar for next year!

Guy, mum and I began the drive Friday morning and as I was the only one he had driven to Kalgoorlie before (but when I was in highschool for a camp!!) we took our time and made a number of stops of the way.

Typical country style we had a packed lunch with us and enough food to get us few the journey and some!! Unfortunately the flies were everywhere, but what else would you expect in the middle of no where!!

Cunderdin was our first stop, followed by lunch in Southern Cross before the looooonnnngggg but not very exciting drive to Kalgoorlie.

Lots to look at ……???

On arriving in Kalgoorlie Dad was already there (he had flown and worked in the afternoon!) and we had a quick look around and caught up with some old neighbours for dinner.

Saturday morning we were invited along by club president Geoff to join the regular early morning ride. 6.30am was a nice respectable time, but some had been up a lot earlier and already completed one lap of the ride. It was a great chance to meet some of the locals and get a tour by bike of Kalgoorlie. Back to the hotel for a nap and breakfast with mum and dad before we returned to the local primary school where Guy and I put on a presentation for the club about racing Pro, training, nutrition and anything else they wanted to know. It was a great success and we were overwhelmed by the support.

We then had time to catch up with my cousins and visit the unbelievable “super pit” it is massive!

Me and the boys!! All related, but not too long and they will all be taller than me!!

Sunday night was a pasta dinner and Ping Pong championships with the Kalgoorlie Tri club and those who had traveled from Esperance. The home cooked food was delicious and it was still an early night by the time we got back which equals lots of sleep!!

Sunday morning it was on!! The 1500/40/10 event was held at the local Oasis centre. A swim in the pool, 9 laps on the bike around the local suburbs, then a 4 lap run. A great event!

Lunch was put on afterwards. Friendly rivalries between Kalgoorlie and Esperance joked about and then for most it was a long journey home!

Thank you so much to everyone from the Kalgoorlie Triathlon for your amazing hospitality! It was a great weekend and hopefully next year more “city folk” can be convinced to come and experience what we did on the weekend!

Off to Margaret River for Easter, looking forward to some R and R and time with the family. I can’t believe I only have 3 weeks left until I leave OZ again. The days are going so quickly!

Singapore and Back!

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Part of the post Ironman recovery for me this year included a trip to Singapore! Yes, the 70.3 was on, but no I was definitely not racing! It was time to shop! After Guy came across to New Zealand to support me in the pouring rain for the Ironman, I thought the least I could do was return the favour! So mum, dad, myself and Guy eventually all made our way to Singapore for the weekend!

It wasn’t long before we were taking full advantage of what the hotel had to offer and the very next morning we were on the MRT heading into Orchard Road for a bit of shopping!

There seems to always be sales on in Singapore and even better for me, lots of small size shoes and clothing!! Nothing has to be taken up! We could not ignore all the delicious fresh food and didn’t waste any time getting into a steamboat!

The trip was all about “Guy” though so we did make sure he was off his legs by the afternoon and back at the hotel while mum and I continued to enjoy the sites and shops close by!

Singapore Sling!!! It had to be tried, at least once!!

Okay, maybe more than once!

I began training again while in Singapore, swimming and running were no problems but I hope to not have to ride a gym bike for that long again! The seat was so uncomfortable! It looked big and padded but OMG!! not good!

It was an exciting day of racing, in tough conditions as you would expect in Singapore. Guy raced hard, finishing with the fastest bike split of the day in a quality field. A good start to the year!

After the race it was time for some fun!! Monday was jam packed thanks to our family friend “Raj” we had free reign to the entire island of Sentosa inlcuding Universal studios! It was awesome! Special passes so we could skip the long waiting lines and tickets to everything we could possibly need! I have never been a roller coaster girl! Went on once when I was young, was sick and hated it! Refused to do it again! But some how Guy was able to convince me otherwise! Yes, I was petrified! The hands were sweating and unfortunately or fortunately (however you may want to look at it!) because Guy was so tall we had to sit at the front!! AAGGGHHHH!!!

After the 2 roller coaster’s it was onto Jurassic Park! We could not work out why some people were wearing plastic bags! Unfortunately we were to find out the hard way! Again we found ourselves in the wettest seats and only had to laugh! It was such a hot, humid day that it didn’t take long to dry off!

We ended the trip with a visit to the 6 star Marina Bay Sands Resort and the Sky Park with amazing views of Singapore and a pool that overlooks the entire city!

It has now been a week back to the normal routine of swimming, biking and running! But saying that, what is normal these days! At least it is still warm in Perth although darker now in the mornings! The season is slowly changing, although the countdown is on! 6 weeks to go before I leave the comforts of my Aussie home and head to the USA!