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Time Flies….!!

Posted on: February 9th, 2011 by admin 1 Comment

It always seems to be either my dad or my brother who kindly remind me it has been way too long since I have blogged last! This is bad news when they do this! I responded with “it hasn’t been that long!” but then when I go back and look, my entire plan of blogging once a week has not lasted very long. I think it needs to be penciled into my training schedule like swimming, cycling and running then I would never miss it.

The last few weeks have been jammed packed. With Luke and Amanda in town Guy and I were spending a lot of time not only training with them but enjoying some great nights of food, wine and plenty of laughs. There was time to catch up with Duncan and Michelle, witness what I still believe to be the best fireworks ever on Australia day at the South Perth Foreshore even though we were all suffering and in the “box” after some epic training days.

A great feed after the hards day’s training thanks to Amanda’s awesome cooking!

Trying to hang onto Luke’s wheel! Thankfully he was taking it easy on me!

Riding the hills!

Luke in the “box” (the pain box) after 200km of cycling!

The amazing fireworks on Australia Day!

2 weeks ago was the Western Australian State Olympic Distance Champs held in the City. It was another great even by TriEvents on what was a stinking hot and windy day. We only found out at 5am race morning that the event was actually on due to a cyclone warning, but everything was handled extremely well by the race directors.

Last weekend it was time for more pain as Scott, Guy and I rode the 228km from Perth to Busselton. Actually only Scott and I made it all the way. 10km from Busso a large stick found it’s way into Guy’s spokes hitting his fork and causing him to go over the front off his handle bars. A trip to Busso hospital, bruising to his shoulder and back and a dislocated finger was the result of his tumble.

This happened friday. Wez and Jane arrived in Busso just in tome to come to the hospital and drive us to Scott and Amiee house where we were staying the night. Saturday morning we were on the start line of the Busso Half Marathon and after settling into a bit of a rhythm I was lucky enough to have Ray Lampard run past me. He was running well and setting a good pace so I jumped on. Thanks to his awesome work I was able to run a 1.25 and was the first female to cross the finish line in the half marathon. I haven’t been able to run that time since “pre stress fracture” days. So Ray…thanks for pushing me and all your encouragement along the way!

It was then time for lunch at the Duckstein Brewery on the way to Margaret River with Wez and Jane where we stayed for the next 2 nights.

Sunday was the Busso Jetty swim in some of the most rough conditions they have seen but a great chance for some open water swim practice.

Yes, I am tired now but it has been a fun coupe of weeks and with the countdown on to Ironman New Zealand exactly what I needed!

Time now for an afternoon nap!!!