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Kona Bound! YAH!!

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The last 4 days have been a whirl wind of adventures and  I have loved it! I had the opportunity to have a look around Lake Placid and couldn’t resist taking a photo of this for my father! I am sure he would love one in the Margaret River house but a little bit too expensive to ship!

This one's for you Dad!!

After transferring from the Comfort Inn into a house near the swim start 2 days before the race I was so lucky to be sharing with Sheri Fraser. Not only a former professional triathlete and coach but a massage therapist! Perfect for me! It was tough to take laying there having a massage looking over the mountains and golf course. I was definitely relaxed!

The fantastic house I stayed in with Sheri weaving her magic! Thanks for my awesome massage Sheri!

The “FELT” was fast and ready to go! Transition area was amazing with 3100 athletes registered to race. For once I was glad to be starting 10 minutes before everyone else!

The day before! Checking in the bike and gear bags! Ready to race!!

Lake Placid – the locals were enjoying the warm temperatures and catching the sun the day before.

The gorgeous lake! So hot that it was a non wetsuit swim and I loved that!

Sheri giving her athletes the final pep talk before the big day. Every detail was covered and they were set to go!

Sheri and her team ready to race! Congratulations to all of them on a great day!

Race Day – What can I say! I came into this race just hoping to improve on my own personal Ironman Lanzarote performance. My short block of training had gone well and I was ready to see where I was at.

I absolutely loved the swim! I felt comfortable, found a great set of feet to follow and after the first lap found myself in a great position that I was determined to hold on to. The second lap became extremely crowded as we had to weave our way through slower age groupers but there was no taking the smile off my face to have finally put together a good swim. I always knew I could do it! My Blue Seventy Speed suit was so so nice to swim in!!

Onto the bike and the rain had stopped which was great timing for the descend into Keene. It took a little while to get into the groove but I focused on my nutrition and staying strong. Unfortunately I missed my special needs (my much wanted Vegemite sandwich!) and I am going to make sure that doesn’t happen again! The wind picked up a bit on the second lap and I did feel myself tiring the last 10-15km. Rather than continuing to push hard, I returned to a comfortable level reminded myself there was still a marathon to run and I may pay for it later.

A quick toilet stop in T2 and it was onto the run! How was I going to feel? I haven’t put together a descent marathon in 2 years and I was desperate to achieve this mentally and physically. Coach Jeff’s strict instructions were begin the run easy!! It is down hill right from the start and easy to let it go but I held back and felt comfortable enjoying the first loop. Even the climb back into town. Obviously the 2nd loop was all mental and my pace dropped off but I kept moving forward and did not walk once!! It was an amazing feeling coming down the finish chute feeling confident I had achieved the goals I had set for the day. Amanda Balding was there to give me my finishers medal and a huge hug, I was relieved!

All done! A great day, now heading back to the finish line for endless inspiration!

Pizza and Cookies and Cream Ice Cream went down a treat but the excitement was to continue when I found out the next day I had a Kona slot!! I am so so excited! I qualified in 2008 but didn’t go due to injury so it has been a few years now. I can’t wait to return to that special place!

The top 5 women! Celebrating at the awards luncheon!

To all my friends and family (especially my amazing mum and dad, love you both and miss you!!), coach Jeff Shilt and amazing sponsors (K-SWISS, Novatron, Selle SMP Saddles, Nuun, GU, FELT, Computrainer, Ryders Sunglasses, SKINS, Tony Bence Sports Massage and Ruth Chang champion Physio!!) Thankyou for standing by me during the down times. It is onwards and upwards from here and I can’t wait!!

Time flies when you are having fun!

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Where did the last week go?? I have no idea but I am not complaining. I know it was filled with some great training, not much sleep, plenty of cycling crits (no not me, I was watching) a flight across the country and a 6 hour drive to where I am now! Lake Placid!

John and Jeff competed in the Twilight Crit Series downtown on Saturday night. I remember last year it being stinking hot but an awesome afternoon and evening of racing. This year was to be no different.

An Afternoon of Crit Racing begins!

61 guys started the race but not as many finished as a large number dropped out due to the heat or being lapped!

John taking control!

With 5 laps to go John made his move but unfortunately a crash on on the corner ruined any chances of a podium finish. Jeff raced well to finish 3rd.

The carnage of the Professional race, thankfully no one was badly hurt!

The Pro race was just as exciting. Unfortunately the local Boise team hit the ground earlier on but recovered to get back into the race. But lucky for me the “Fly V Australia” team came away victorious and dominated finishing 1 and 2nd. It was a great time to gloat about being an “Aussie!”

Boise training partners, brothers John and Jeff Shilt! Keeping me honest!

We had a perfect position at the finish line the entire race and enjoyed watching the action up close!

Hanging out! Deciding where to go and what to do next!

Less than 48 hours later I was on a flight from Boise to Salt Lake City, delayed due to storms, finally on to Denver, funny that, delayed again, by midnight I had landed in Boston. A full nights sleep and it was a 6 hour drive to Lake Placid and here I am!

It is gorgeous here! I love it! Swimming in the Lake this morning was amazing and I was able to get most of my ride in to Keene and back before the heavens opened and a thunder storm has continued all afternoon. Not cold though, still hot and humid, so I don’t mind. What ever the day brings on Sunday is the same for everyone and I will ready!

Made it to Lake Placid! Part of the ride to Keene!

3 seasons in one day!! Sun, hot, humidity, rain, thunder, lightning! I'm not complaining! At least it is not cold!

I wasn’t originally planning on doing this race, I thought I would concentrate on a good block of training for another couple of months and race then. But I am here in the USA, there are races on all the time and what better way to train than to race! I am building into some good fitness after a decent break post Ironman Lanzarote and look forward to taking advantage of the opportunity to be in Lake Placid on Sunday!

A huge congratulations to Kerry and Shannon! Thank god she didn’t stay in Boise any longer, last Sunday a text message completely caught me by surprise when I read about the arrival of Mackinley Harker-Crake into the world! A cute little baby boy that I will have to wait until November to see!

Time for a massage!!

Spudman and Triple Peak

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I always feel guilty when I am reminded I need to blog again and it has been a while! (thanks Dad!!)  I guess I am just as bad as all those other people that say they are going to promise to blog more frequently. Once a week I think is a good amount of time for things to happen, to have information to share so I don’t just talk about the awesome summer all the time and the embarrassing bike tan lines!

Last weekend was the annual “Spudman Olympic Distance Triathlon’ which was held here in Boise and I was excited to be on the start line in 2010. Last year when I was here there was limited racing as I was unfortunately nursing a stress fracture, but this year I am enjoying all this fantastic place has to offer. Including some great races. It actually only dawned on me after the event why it was called the “Spudman” triathlon and yes, it is because I am in Idaho and it is the home of the great potato or should I say “Spud!”

So the plan was to swim fast, bike fast and run fast, not too complicated, just do what I was capable of doing on the day. Just like any other triathlon plan I have. I was also hoping to work on the little things, like transitions along the way. It was a perfect hit out as I worked hard in the swim, pushed myself up and down the hills and finally was able to run sub 40 mins for my 10km which I haven’t done in a few years. The victory was nice but more importantly I was so much more happier with the process and how the body had responded through out the day.

Post race celebrations were at Bitter Creek with Jeff and Erin and her family and Antonio and John where we enjoyed a feast while watching World Cup Soccer action.

Post "Spudman" the champions lunch at Bitter Creek!

The festivities continued into the night at Kyle’s parents house where John’s home made guacamole came out (although never lasts very long!) and the war stories of the day’s racing got bigger and better as the night went on!

The Infamous Guacamole!! It never lasts very long!

There was no rest for the wicked though as yes, there is an Ironman on the horizon, straight back into the training the next day, actually all week, finishing today with the Triple Peak! I still don’t know if I should be thanking Jeff for this one or not! Talk about lots of climbing!

The beginning of the "Triple Peak" ride. A little rolling, windy, part of the Boise 70.3 course. The warm up!!

There was a couple of hours of so called “warm up” on part of the Boise 70.3 course, into the wind, a few rollers, but it was nice and cool still then so not so bad.

The fun is just about to start, heading onto Warm Springs!

The last section before the first climb and it was up table rock. I was keeping in my zone, checking out some of the amazing houses thinking I was nearly there, but then the residential area ended and the road kept going! Bugger!!

First climb done, not so bad! It was definitely Super Bogus Basin that was tough! 90mins roughly to climb to the top and there is no letting up. I had a heart rate zone to try and keep to but when the going got tough, the heart rate went up! By then it was heating up and I began thinking about that “coke” that was going to get me through. But it was still at least an hour away!!

The top of "Bogus Basin" I was so glad to finally get there!!

Finally down the hill and a nice little dump loop to finish it off with and a much needed hydration stop in Hidden springs. A nice little run off the bike in 100 degree heat and I was roasted! Literally!! A great day’s training though! I am not surprised that I have actually done nothing since returning home except eat, sleep and stretch! The house duties will have to wait until tomorrow!

July 4th Long Weekend!

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Just like last year I was lucky enough to spend the July 4th long weekend with my “Boise Family” in McCall. After a great big training day on Friday, to avoid most of the traffic that was going to be around on the weekend, Jeff came and picked me up and we were on our way to meet Erin, the girls and Chris and Marilyn McDonald in McCall. After arriving late (after 10pm) we were greeted with lots of laughter as the games had already begun and it was a sign of of the weekend ahead!

Chris and Jeff playing with Fire!

Chris “Big Sexy” became better know as our “Encino” man as he was either chopping the wood or starting/controlling the fire. First thing in the morning, last thing at night! I guess I was the lucky one as I was sleeping in the same room as the fireplace.

Saturday morning Chris, Marilyn and Jeff left early for a Mountain Bike race while I saddled the trusty road bike for 3 1/2 hours. I thought I was well prepared with plenty of layers, but I had seemed to forget that this ride involved a lot of climber in one direction which resulted in down hills on the way home! It was so nice to get back and into the shower and finally have feeling return to the toes!

Everyone else had returned by then and it was celebration time as Chris had won his first ever mountain bike race and Jeff had finished 3rd! So it was a trip downtown and a Sushi Celebration!

The View from lunch! McCall was slowly getting more and more busy as the day went on!

A very brisk, fresh, swim in the lake was nice, although initially diving in was a shock to the system on the face and hands and I had my awesome full length Blue Seventy Wetsuit on! It was a mad dash again back to the shower, but once warm, all good!

Dinner out and a drive to a Live Music Festival that we unfortunately missed and it was still a jammed packed day. We were all ready to do it all again on Sunday!

Marilyn and I, K-Swiss Chicks! On our way to Tamarack!

Yes, it’s true, I was convinced to venture for the first time out on a Mountain Bike trail in Tamarack! With Jeff, Chris, Jeff, Erin, Bobby and Bill we were on our way and I had no idea what I was in for on a borrowed Mountain Bike, wearing Cindy’s borrowed shoes (that were a little too big) and generally having no idea! This was going to be an adventure!

After coming off in the first 20 mins on an up hill climb!! (yes, I was going up but couldn’t get my feet out quick enough to prevent hitting the ground!) I realised that didn’t hurt too bad and I was on my way!

The trail was amazing and for the first half it was all up with some tight hairpin turns, but by then I had worked out how to get my cleat out a little quicker! There were a few “pick up your bike and carry sections!”. Then just when we reached the top and I realised we obviously had to come back down some how? Slow and steady and learning more about my body position on the bike and I was beginning to enjoy myself! Don’t get me wrong, I sucked! Well, maybe not that bad, but it was fun and I think I would like to do more of it (on my recovery days maybe?) just for something different!

A trip back to the cabin, quick lunch, and we were across to the lake for an afternoon of Jet Skiing! Erin and I on one, Chris and Marilyn on the other. I don’t think I have been on a jet ski since highschool so it was so much fun! Erin drove and I hung on for dear life as by the afternoon the wind had picked up and it was a little bit bumpy in the middle of the lake. It was the perfect way to get a better perspective of how big the lake is and the amazing houses all along it’s shore.

A cook up in the Cabin, and more fire opportunities for Chris and we were back over at the Lake to watch the July 4th fireworks.

"Luna" is so cute and has been a great companion! Seemed to love sleeping on my bed for some reason?

It is now Monday and the training week begins again! Jeff and I have been for an early morning run through the park and will hit the trails this afternoon before returning to Boise. It is a beautiful place in McCall and I have been so lucky to enjoy such a great weekend with fantastic friends.