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Yah! I have finally made it to Boise and it is great to be back! Although it is a little bit chilly at the moment, I am sure that will change soon enough. Apparently it snowed last weekend! Lucky I wasn’t here then! Mum, Dad and I stayed in a hotel downtown for the first few nights while I sorted myself out with the Apartment. But now all good to go and it feels like home!

I have been feeling quite tired since arriving here obviously as a result of the race last weekend, the travel and a complete lack of sleep! I am sure in a weeks time I will be fine and back into the normal routine I prefer. There have been a few sessions in the pool, back to 25 yards and endless tumble turns! But it has been great to back in training with the likes of John, Jeff and Chris and Marilyn McDonald. Once the bike is unpacked, I may even think about taking it for a spin soon!

It is Memorial Day long weekend here and mum, dad and I have just made the scenic drive from Boise to McCall for a night. Just over 2 hours. We are staying at the Shore Lodge and have a spectacular view of the lake and the snow still on the mountains. My parents are here for another 5 days before returning to Perth, but I will stay for the summer in Boise. There is plenty to look forward to and adventures to be had!

Last night Erin and Jeff spoilt us all with a delicious home cooked meal just like they did exactly a year ago and we followed that this morning with a trip to the markets for our fresh fruit and veg. Plus a few little treats along the way!

Tonight the festivities will continue as we have been invited to Bill and Cindy’s house in Tamarack for a BBQ dinner but at least tomorrow I can sleep in!!

Am I asking too much that the Eagles will have a victory this weekend? Probably!! But I like the idea of expecting the unexpected!!

Ironman Lanzarote!

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It can never be underestimated what an emotional roller coaster an Ironman is. Especially that of Ironman Lanzarote! I remember thinking during the week leading up to the race how it is only one day, one day in so many that you have trained for to get there in there in the first place. In reality you only get 17 hours and for me it is even less. It would be less than the flight I had just taken from Hong Kong to London! It was another long day of training with 1500 of my friends.

I felt relatively relaxed the morning of the race and was well organised with plenty of time to spare. The goodbyes and goodlucks were exchanged with mum and dad and I was into the beautiful water warming up and getting ready to race!

Unlike most races these days the Pro’s were going at the same time as every one else we were just positioned 10m in front of them all at the start line. Oh my god! It was going to be chaos! I was standing next to Catriona at the start line and we were both dreading the onslaught of athletes behind us when we ran into the water. The gun went off, it was a mad rush and then I was crushed!! It was crazy! I have never swum in anything like it before. The entire first lap of 1.9km was like a washing machine! I though maybe after the run up the beach and the second lap things would settle down. No such luck! For the entire 3.8km it was a mad house!

Glad to get out of the water it was a quick change and I was onto the bike and away. I absolutely loved the bike! The ride is spectacular, yes, unbelievable tough, but just amazing. The wind was up in sections, as to be expected, but I felt strong and I went with it! After passing Hillary and Bella I was informed that I was in second place behind Tara due to Catriona dealing with mechanicals. Wow, no normal for me. I am usually running through the field not riding through the field. I still felt good though so continued to push. Yes, there was definitely my usual down spots, but I felt I was able to deal with them mentally a lot better than I had in the past. Heading back towards Teguise into the head wind, up a hill, with 40km still to go, was tough, but after that it was down hill and homeward bound.

A quick change in transition and I was onto the run and for me, felt like I settling in slowly (although my splits will show otherwise!) I knew there were lots of fast runners coming behind and Tara was 7 minutes in front but it was about running my own race, and the result would take care of it’s self. It was getting very very hot, so sponges were a must at each aid station and there was a head wind out, tail wind back on the run. I was feeling okay at least for the first half, but then the all out effort on the bike began to take it’s toll. I refused to walk (except through an aid station) and pushed on with all I had left. It was hard not to with all the amazing support just about the entire way along the run course.

Mum and dad were amazing chasing me around everywhere in the car and on the run course and just like every other Ironman, that finish line is why we start!!

I must admit, initially I was disappointed with the day, I feel I had a chance and let it slip through my fingers but after analyzing everything, and how I raced it was such a valuable experience for me. I know my running will come back and it is slowly improving again which is great! More importantly my cycling has come along way in the last 6 months (thanks to coach Jeff Shilt!!) and once I get the balance right!! It will all happen!

For now, some R and R is great, time with mum and dad and setting myself up in my apartment in Boise for the summer!

Thank you so much to everyone for the e-mails, facebook messages and tweets! Your support is amazing!

And to my sponsors K-Swiss, Novatron, FELT, Nuun, Gu, Computrainer, Ryders, Selle Italia Saddles, Tony Bence Massage, Ruth Chang Physiotherapist, Blue Seventy, Skins and Mum and Dad! Your the best!! See you at the races!


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Yah! We finally made it after 3 days of traveling and I was stuffed! After arriving here I could hardly keep my eyes open but unfortunately I had to! Mum and I had hired a car and not only was I going to have to get used to driving on the otherside of the road again but it was a manual!!

Yes, I do have my manual licence but I haven´t driven one for years and having to change gears with my Right hand was so weird!!

The good news was all of our luggage including my bike was thankfully here waiting in Lanzarote when we arrived so after finding our accomodation I put my bike together with one eye open and had a great nights sleep knowing there was no more plane flights for a least a week!

I was woken early the next morning by the howling wind and what makes this island and this race so unique! An easy swim bike run and I was beginning to feel a little bit normal again but I must admit today is Thursday and now I feel a whole lot better!

Have been working on my spanish a little bit!! Although still trying to find some ¨gossip¨magazines in English!! (Robbie, I will have to get some for you!!)

Mum and I drove the bike course today and I have some awesome photo´s but they will have to wait until I can download them! On this side of the island where we are staying it was 33 degrees, slightly windy, and a little humid. By the time we had driven up the first major climb of the ride we could not see where we were going because it was so cloudy, freezing cold and blowing a gail! On the switch backs on the way down there is hardly enough room for 2 cars to go buy each other and we had two buses. There was some scary moments for all!!

I am all registered which took place at Club Le Santa where I finally got to meet fellow K-Swiss triathlete Hillary Biscay! Hows this…she is doing Ironman Lanzarote this week then jumping on a plane to do Ironman Brazil next weekend!!

Hopefully Dad arrives tonight with out any flight dramas just in time for bike and gear bag check in tomorrow then the big show on Saturday!

For those at home in Perth, I am 7 hours behind you!! So saturday afternoon at 2pm you can follow all of the action live on

Finally goodluck to Matt, Nic and Michelle who are taking on the Run for a Reason this weekend!! Have fun!!

A REAL Around the World Ticket!!

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Coming from Perth, sometimes it can work out easier and cheaper to purchase an “around the world ticket” for your travels, obviously depending on where you want to go!

Considering this trip I was visiting family friends in Singapore, racing Ironman Lanzarote in Europe then heading to the USA for some summer training and racing, not to forget either the wedding of the year in Kona between Luke and Amanada on the way home, it was the logical thing for me to do!

Or so I thought!!

Perth to Singapore, no problems! Had a great time in Singapore catching up with Sheila, Raj, Elijah and Charlotte. Training in the heat and humidity, it was a good stopover!

Singapore to Hong Kong, unfortunately delayed!! This resulted in mum and I missing our connecting flight to London. A 9 hour sop over on Hong Kong and we were finally on our way!

Two hours out from London the Captain kindly informs us that Heathrow is unfortunately closed due to the Ash cloud and we were being diverted to Amsterdam. Well, I guess I have never been to AMsterdam before!!

But the fun continues….an hour out of Amstedam that too closes and we are on out way to Manchester where we are able to land but sit on the plane for 3 hours at the gate while the ground staff determine the best way to get us to London.

In that time Heathrow has reopened and we take off for our 30 minute flight to original destination!

But unfortunately the knock on affect has taken it’s toll and our connecting flights to Madrid and Lanzarote were cancelled!

I now find myself getting to know the BA lounge at London Heathrow airport very well as I could be spending my night here! We are wait listed for a flight to Madrid this afternoon but will have to spend the night in Madrid because we can not get to Lanzarote until tomorrow.

These clothes are getting very dirty and smelly!! But fingers crossed in 36 hours I may be able to report that I have made it to Lanzarote (with my bike!!) and am all ready for that little race called an Ironman on Saturday!!

Singapore in Pictures!

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Chef Nat in the kitchen! Showing off his "Master Chef" Skills!!

It is amazing what you can fit into 3 days!! After being totally spoilt before I left Perth catching up with friends and family I was on my way!!

Singapore was the first stop!

Packing the speedy FELT ready for some world wide racing!

Yummy sushi trains for lunch! Can't get enough!

Catching up with the kids, Elijah and Charlotte!

Indoor hotel compi sessions! Very very hot and sweaty!

Hershey's Chocolate Factory!! Yum Yum Yum!!

Universal Studio's Singapore! Fun Fun Fun!!

And now, the bike is all packed up again, time for a quick dinner then the next adventure begins. Singapore, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Lanzarote!!

Should be there very soon and so excited to be racing!

Australian Triathlete Article

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The latest Australian Triathlete Magazine!

Have a read about how the word “patience” has finally lead to being healthy again and allowed me to get back into what I love doing most!


Photo’s from Busso!

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And there off!! Can you see me?

Time to start riding .... fast!

Such a fantastic day in a beautiful location! The FELT was AWESOME!!

Yah... the start of the finish line!!

Nearly there....!

Finally... made it!! Some great shots thanks to Marathon Photo's!

Racing at Home!

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The last week has literally flown by and looking back on my camera it is easy to see why! There was so much happening in the lead up to the Busselton Half Ironman. Then race day was hear and gone, but some of the muscle soreness has decided to stick around!

The Journey began down in Margaret River. Wez and I drove down on Wednesday for a relaxing stay in our Holiday Home and a nice steak on the BBQ.

Gorgeous views from the T.V. Room at Margaret River

Thursday was school visits with fellow Pro Nicole Ward. McKillop in Busselton and Dunsborough Primary school. The kids had so many questions, some we would never had even thought about ourselves.

The funny thing was, I could have blended in as one of the students if I hadn’t been in my awesome K-Swiss gear!

School Visits - The Kids from McKillop School in Busselton

Friday morning began with a Breakfast to help fundraise for Brad Hosking who is taking part in the Tour of Duty run across America to remember all of the fallen service men and women from September 11. He completed the 21.1km run on the weekend in his full Fireman’s uniform with cylinders and still completed it in 1.38! Unbelievable!

The afternoon was all about the kids! A small kids triathlon on and the Pro’s were there at the finish line to congratulate them and give them a whole heap of cool prizes!

Trystars Kids Triathlon - The Pro's handing out Choc Milk and Prizes!


What can I say! It was awesome racing at home! The crowds and spectators were amazing and TWA/Tri Events run such a great event. I knew Lisa was firing and expected her to dominate. For me, it was about getting the most out of the body after a big lead up into Ironman Lanzarote which is in 2 1/2 weeks.

Unfortunately, the swim continues to frustrate me. Especially when I have been working so hard on it, swimming lots, and hitting some good times in the pool for me. But when it comes to the swim in a race, AAGGHHH!! Maybe I just need to more open water, wetsuit swimming practice! Once it comes together, I can’t wait!

Out of the water I knew the work was to be done and just put my head done to ride as hard as I could. The new two lap bike course was a great idea spreading the field out, and the Pro’s pretty much had the entire first lap out there on their own. The wind began to pick up in some areas towards the end of the second lap, but I knew I had ridden hard when I got off my bike ran into transition. The legs were like jelly, I felt like I normally did in an Ironman. This run was going to be interesting!

3 x 7km, the course is easy to break down and that is what I did. Coming off the bike in 4th I was determined to get on the podium. It is easy to see on this course when you are making ground on those in front and therefore you are encouraged to push on. I caught Amelia half way through the run but didn’t know if I would have enough time to get Katrina who was having an awesome race.  At the least turn around with just over 3 km’s to go I got her. From then on it was push, push, push, don’t look back and get to that finish line!

The crowds began to become thicker. I saw Kerry standing in the sidelines yelling into her phone, “Hear comes Kate, it’s Kate!” and finally I thought I could smile!

Crossing the finish line, I couldn’t move! The legs were smashed! But I loved it!

Mentally and physically it had been a great workout. Giving me a lot of confidence in the way things are heading. But most importantly, besides general muscle soreness. the back, the groin, nothing out of the ordinary was hurting! Good signs!

Travis completed his first Half Ironman on the weekend! And as you can see, straight into the recovery of champions!

It was time to enjoy and relax for a while! Catch up with friends. Exchange war stories, and for me, begin my Ironman Taper!! Yah!

The After Party! Busso always puts it on! Race Day and Post Race celebrations! Nic had a fantastic race considering her heavy Ironman Training load. Watch out for her in Japan!

Everyone was happy to be finished! Jane, Wez and Yvonne! Check out that Dockers Beanie!! He was even more happy on Sunday after the Derby Victory!

Congratulations to everyone who raced on the weekend! Lisa and K-Swiss Team Mate Luke on dominate performances. TWA/Tri Events and all the spectators. You under estimate how a little “your looking great” (even if you aren’t telling the truth!!) Can pick you up!

Finally to my fantastic team of supporters and sponsors, I couldn’t do any of this without you!

Mum and Dad!! Coach Jeff Shilt, K-Swiss, Blue Seventy, Novatron, Ryders Sunglasses, Tony Bence Massage, Ruth Chang Mobile Physiotherapy, Skins, Computrainer, Selle SMP Saddles and everyone else who believes in me!

Time to get packing for the USA!!

Busso Half Ironman

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Busselton Half Ironman yesterday was a great weekend of racing and a fantastic conclusion to our summer of racing here in Perth.

It was a great race for me personally and I was excited to come away with a second place. There was no stopping Lisa she was on fire and dominated from start to finish.

Here are some photo’s thanks to Ray, race report to come tomorrow after I catch up on some much needed sleep!!

Swim start – and we are off!!

Happy to be racing, and running!!