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What a week!

Posted on: March 25th, 2010 by admin

It is crazy to look back at the last week and what has happened. Good and bad it has been one to remember!

Mother nature was in full force on Monday night hitting Perth with the most unbelievable storm I have ever seen.

Nat rang me from UWA as a warning to let me know it was coming. But I still had no idea it would be so bad!

This is UWA, no, it is not snowing! This is the hail!

It was the size of golf balls and it hurt!! (more…)

Coffee shop rides, sleeping, eating reading = recovery!!

Posted on: March 17th, 2010 by admin

Post Ironman recovery time with still another week to go before I gradually build up again, I have found that I have needed the time off after having the virus. Post Ironman WA a week was enough and then I was able to roll through easy but have found myself doing a lot of extra sleeping this week and have been glad for the additional rest.

There has still been plenty of other activities going on! (more…)

Mum time!!

Posted on: March 13th, 2010 by admin

No, I am not talking about me being a mum!

But this recent trip to New Zealand was just mum and I. My dad had come across to Auckland for a few days work but returned to Perth after a couple of days.

So my poor mother had to put up with me all week and the pro’s and con’s of living with a Professional Triathlete. (more…)

Ironman New Zealand A humbling Experience!

Posted on: March 6th, 2010 by admin

Just a quick note to let you know I made it!! Although it definitely wasn’t the day I was hoping for but I am so grateful to have made it through and crossed the finish line here at Ironman New Zealand.

Unfortunately this week I had been dealing with a bit of a virus. ‘No big deal” I thought. But as all athletes would know you can never underestimate how these things affect you. (more…)

One Sleep to go!

Posted on: March 5th, 2010 by admin

Wow! This is it! I am back here in Taupo again after 2 years and ready to toe the start line of Ironman New Zealand in 2010! It is so exciting. There is no denying it has been tough getting here but that is what Ironman racing is all about, the journey!
This morning was a little different to my normal “day before an Ironman” routine as I was asked to be part of a guest panel for the women’s only breakfast. I found it so inspirational myself, listening to all the stories of the women racing tomorrow. It was also interesting here from some who were partners of someone racing tomorrow and what they had been through in the lead up to Ironman. It is truly a team effort. We all go through the same anxieties, fears and nerves, weather it is your first or your 10 Ironman. Actually, I think it may have been better with the first one for me because then I had no idea what I was in for, but now….!!!
After breakfast a quick trip home for swim/bike/run then back into town for T.V. interview, Pro Press Conference and finally bike and gear bag check in. Mum and I then visited the shops for fresh food for dinner and finally we were back to the house for the afternoon. I even had a chance for a short nap (which I needed!)
Since then, stretching, eating, talking on skype, eating, trying to decide red or blue for tomorrow (tough decision!!) and painting my nails! Did I mention eating!!
So this is it… looking forward to reporting on a great day out in Taupo!!
To all those West Aussies racing tomorrow! Have an awesome day! See you out there!

I’m Back!!

Posted on: March 3rd, 2010 by admin

I into the world of I.T.!
The last few days we have had no internet access at the house and fortunately or unfortunately I have find myself a little busy and running around doing things that I didn’t even make a trip into town to visit an internet cafe!
But things have settled down now with perfect timing, 3 sleeps to go! And I even enjoy a short afternoon nap today. Honestly 30-45 minutes does wonders and sometimes it all it takes! Any longer than an hour and I feel pretty groggy when I wake up and struggle to get myself going again.
It has been a whirl wind of a week for me already and the race is not even here yet! High’s, lows, packing (no excess, yah!!) no sleep, swimming, biking, running, an awesome new Blue Seventy Wetsuit, chatting with Mike Reilly!! Meeting my New Zealand family again (Janette and event crew) and staying in the most unbelievable house! (it is going to be hard to leave this one!) Here is a short recap of the last few days:
Saturday – Up 4.30am for my final hit out before packing, a race simulation on the compi followed by a short treadmill run. It was a tough work out but I felt better and better as it went on. Quick shower, in the car and off to Sorrento Beach for an awesome open water work shop with Olympic Open water swimmer Shelley Taylor Smith. She was so inspirational and I get so much out of it! It was also great meeting such an huge range from swimmers. One guy had never swum in open water before! There was just enough time then to pick up from bike, home, pack it, pack my bag, dinner, stretch and finally lay my head down on the pillow!

Sunday – AAGGGHH 3.30am wake up call!! Taxi to Perth airport, 3.30 hr flight to Melbourne, 3 hours in melbourne, 3.40 flight to Auckland, rental car, drive to hotel, arrive 11.30am local time! Exhausted!!
Mum and dad with me, dad is working in Auckland for 3 days but heading but to Perth on Wednesday! Sleep, a little bit!
Monday – 7am Dad comes to my room to say goodbye and goodluck, he goes to work! Up, stretch, run on treadmill, meet mum for breakfast, check out, 4 hour drive to Taupo!
Arrive in Taupo, YAH!!
Grocery shop, unpack bike, organise massage’s for the week, find unbelievable rental house ” THE LAKE HOUSE!” and choose an awesome room with a horrible view! Another stretch, sleep!

This is the amazing view from my room! I could hang out there all day watching the lake, the ducks and people come and go from the small beach!
Tuesday – Up early to avoid the traffic for my ride but with day light savings here in Taupo and no lights on my bike, did not leave until 7am. Ride along the course, didn’t take long to remember it all from 2 years ago. Put bike in for bike check, breakfast, stretch. Swim in the local pool, only 2 people in the entire pool, it was so peaceful! Massage, lunch, visit Naomi from Blue Seventy! So excited, new 2010 wetsuit is amazing! And I am saying this about a long sleeve wetsuit!
Photo’s to come in next blog!
Home for an afternoon nap that never eventuated!! Just about to walk in the door when we had visitors!! Random out of competition drug test!! Luckily for me I had not recently visited the bathroom but still, 120ml is a lot of pee!! One and a half hours later we had learnt heaps about the property market in New Zealand and nearly convinced them to stay for dinner but they had work to do!! (wonder who was next!)
Out for dinner, very nice place called Plataeu, small, out of town, delicious food, half way through the meal a large table of 12 arrived which included all the event organisers, directors and off course Mike Reilley. A chat and some drinks, finally home for, you guessed it, sleep!!
Now here we are today – Wednesday and I finally feel like I have settled down. Mentally and physically. I have been all over the place the last few days and needed to get focused again. After an early morning swim in my new Blue Seventy Wetuit, a quick look through the expo and a drive of the bike course, I have enjoyed an afternoon nap (although I had to share the bed with Harry!!)

This is Harry, not sure who he belongs to but he seems like to spend a lot of time at our place and on my bed!!

After waking up there was a surprise waiting for me! A delicious fruit basket and Ironman New Zealand wheel bag from the organisers!! I feel like a champion already!!
Now I am sitting here annoying my mother because the remote for the T.V. upstairs can actually change the channel for the T.V. down stairs and she doesn’t realise yet!! Thinks there is something wrong with the T.V.!! I had better go and tell her!
Looking forward to a nice sleep in tomorrow and another massage from Allan!