Off Season!

I was due! As much as Triathlete's we think we are invincible and can keep going and going and going, it was time for a decent off season!. I have taken a week here and there over the last few years but nothing like the 3 - 4 weeks of absolutely nothing that I just had. It is a real catch 22, because after a great season/race you are on a high, everything is going well, you just want to keep rolling with it. So maybe you do! If it is a … [Read more...]

Taiwan 70.3

Taiwan Photo Shoot 1

When Guy and I traveled to compete in Taiwan 70.3 last year for the first time we had such a great experience we said we would definitely be going back. No just the race itself, but the location at the Yoho resort, the organisation and the fun atmosphere. So it was always going to be on the schedule. When our season was thrown a curveball after IM Louisville with the cancellation of IM Lake Tahoe we took a bit of down time, although it felt … [Read more...]

What Now??

As always it has been a crazy few months with many high's and low's that are all part of the emotional roller coaster and life of a Professional Triathlete! Guy sums it up nicely in pictures and few words here: This was done a few days before Ironman Lake Tahoe! I was pretty excited about the opportunity to do this race. I had a little bit longer taper than normal but better to be fresh than over … [Read more...]

Back to Boise 70.3!!

Last weekend I toed the start line for Boise 70.3. It had been a few years since I had taken part in this awesome race! The first time back in 2011 I remember freezing the entire day and struggling to get through. I decided I probably wouldn't do it again. But when it is just down the road and considered a home race, this year Guy and I decided "why not!!". We have been settled in Boise for 4 weeks now and have had a great block of training. … [Read more...]

Persistance and Perseverance – Busselton 70.3 Champion!

Busso 70.3 Swim Start

Finally!!!! I am so excited to say FINALLY I have won the Busselton 70.3! I have been competing in this event for many years, and love it!! I consider it a home race and also the last of our summer season in Western Australia. So everyone makes the annual trek to Busselton to either compete or support. It is the place to be! The last 3 years I have been on the start line I have had great days and finished 2nd every time! Not quite able to crack … [Read more...]

Lesson’s Learnt! A little experiment!

I always knew it was an ambitious early season schedule Guy and I had in place but it excited me! The idea of it, the challenge of it, why not?? I can back up Half Ironman's pretty well, lets see how backing up Ironman's go! Although I was mentally ready and excited for Challenge Taiwan, I should have realised something was up when I actually fell asleep at 8pm the night before the race and slept the entire night through until the alarm went … [Read more...]

Ironman New Zealand Celebrates 30 Years!


Ironman New Zealand is a special place for me! It was back in 2008 that I had my first break though Pro Performance and from that day I believed I had what it takes to win an Ironman! Granted..there have been many ups and downs since then, but I love heading back to Taupo and with the event celebrating 30 years in 2014, I wasn't going to miss it. The week leading into the Ironman was magical! It was the best weather I had ever experience in … [Read more...]


At Coeur, there mission is to make the best looking, best fitting, and most comfortable clothing in the marketplace for female athletes. Anything they can do to make training and racing easier, more stress-free and fun….they want to do it. They like clean, sophisticated lines. There aesthetic is East Coast preppy meets West Coast chill. Coeur - stylish speed…from the heart While teaching Physical and Health Education for 8 years I … [Read more...]

What a fantastic year!!


Well, 2013 is done and dusted and it is exciting to look back and say it was one of the best and most consistent years I have had in my Pro Triathlon Career! The season began early with a victory at the Albany 1/2 Ironman and although a little underdone I followed it up 2 weeks later with a 6th at Challenge Wanaka Iron Distance race. It was then a  great chance for a solid block of training in Perth during Feb and March and it paid off with a … [Read more...]

Taiwan 70.3

Well, normally I am the one in charge of flights and getting everything organised for our travel to races! And most of the time, it is all pretty good! But I must admit....I definitely stuffed up this time! The money we saved by taking the cheaper flight options was not worth the pain we went through getting there, how it affected us while we were in Taiwan and getting home! Lesson learnt! Just 4 days earlier it took us 2 days to travel back … [Read more...]